When it says “wash dark colors separately” on an article of clothes, does that mean that…?

you shouldn't wash it with dark colors? Or that you should?

So basically does it mean "wash dark colors (including this) separately from anything else" OR "wash dark colors separately from this article."

I'm confused because I have a brown sweater (which is kinda dark) and it says that on it... so idk. lol thankss! =)

7 Answers

  • only wash the brown sweater with dark things, it does not have to be washed by itself. but you are always supposed to wash dark colors seperately, at least the first time.

  • Wash Dark Colors Separately

  • Why is this posted in polls and surveys? Shouldn't it be posted in laundry?

    Don't put whites or light colored clothes in the wash together with the dark clothes. The dark will bleed into the light colored stuff.

  • yes u wash dark colors with dark colored clothing. so your brown sweater will wash with ur dark denims or anything dark u have. together

  • you just wash dark clothing altogether, but separately from white and light colored clothing and any other article of clothing.

  • No just shove it all in.

    A good tip is, in your white washing, put a red sock in there, it makes the wash more effective.

  • It means the colour will probably run so wash this item of clothing with similar items of dark clothing, not with your white panties otherwise you will get puce coloured panties.

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