When ordering car parts online, is the “right side” passenger side?

When ordering car parts online, is the "right side" passenger side as sitting behind the steering wheel or "driver side" as facing the car when the hood is up? Furthermore why don't they just use the terms driver or passenger?

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  • Cars sides are usually described as if you were driving it sat behind the wheel, not stood in front of it.

    In the USA the steering wheel is 'on the left' or 'left hand drive'. In the UK and Japan the term is 'right hand drive' As steering wheels can be on either side 'passenger' or 'driver's' side would lead to confusion as regardless of where the steering wheel is positioned many cars use the same body panels.

  • In USA, yes.

    When you are sitting in a car, facing forward, your left side is the car's left side, your right side is the car's right side, your front is the car's front, and your rear is the car's rear.

    When you sit in the car, the front of the car is rather obvious. It has the hood. Bonnet in UK. But when you stand in front of the car and face the car, the front and the hood and the bonnet are still the same. So is the right and left side. Just like no matter which position you are in, your right arm is always the same arm.

  • These days there are a lot of terms for which side of your vehicle is like in the UK we have drivers side and passenger side, another term used is off side and near side, off side being passenger side and near side being drivers side and obviously left hand side and right hand side. In all different country's there are different lingo for everything and obviously different driving position. EG: steering wheel position foot pedal position and so on....

  • Yes,, with a left drive vehicle (US) the passenger side is the right side of the vehicle.

    In Australia and England and Japan where they have right hand drive vehicles, the right side of the vehicle is the driver side.

  • Except in the UK, Australia and Japan, where the right hand side is the driver side, and the left hand side is the passenger side.

  • Because anyone that is qualified to touch a car knows that the drivers side is always the left side of the vehicle. What you going to break?

  • In USA right side is passenger side

    Driver side left

  • Sitting behind the wheel. Cars can have steering on either side, so using Driver Side won't help.

  • Hi you really have to state which country you are talking about with this questions.

    we here in the united kingdom drive on the left hand side of the road and in America they drive on the right hand side.

    here in the united kingdom we use the terms nearside that side nearest to the footpath and off side there side nearest to the traffic coming from the opposite direction. so see how confusing this question might be.

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