When parking your vehicle facing uphill?

where there is no curb, you should point your front wheels?

2 Answers

  • There seems to be quite a lot of conjecture involved with this subject. Regardless of parking facing-up or facing-down a hill ALWAYS turn your wheels away from the road (towards where the curb would be). The curb is not a reliable wheel chock and won’t necessarily stop your car from rolling out into the street. Also when facing, uphill put the vehicle in 1st gear; downhill put the vehicle in reverse (manual transmission). This way the compression of the engine will prevent the vehicle from moving against the gear direction. An auto will be put in Park. Handbrake/E-brake/Parking brake should be applied.

    Now a lot of people will say to turn your wheels away from the curb when facing uphill. If the curb doesn’t stop your car where will your car end up? In the middle of the road. And if there is no curb face your wheels away from road???? Well just do that all the time then and your back wheels will “stop” against the curb.

    Is this an American question? What about an F250 almost weighing 3 tons, will a curb stop that?

  • you point your front wheels toward the side you are parked.

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