When the molecules in a body move with increased speed, it’s possible that the body will change from a?

A. gas to a liquid.

B. gas to a solid.

C. liquid to a solid.

D. liquid to a gas.

7 Answers

  • D.liquid to gas

    when the molecules move with increased speed, their average kinetic energy increases, causing the intermolucular forces to weaken and so they move further away from each other and eventually change phase. this is exactly what happens when you heat something, the molecules, gain energy, vibrate about theuir mean positions, at thresh-hold amplitudes or velocities, they break the molecular forces and chenge phase from solid to liquid or liquid to gas

  • D is the answer.

    Heating is made the molecules to moving with increased speed.

    At heating a body, the molecules in the body changes solid to liquid, and liquid to gas.

    If we cooling the body, the molecules move with decreased speed. At cooling the body the molecules changes gas to liquid, and liquid to solid.

  • If molecules in a body move with increased speed, the body can become a liquid or gas, depending on the amount of energy absorbed.

    Let's look back to the time when an Atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. Many people were vaporised on the spot. Enormous amount of energy was given out by the bomb, due to nuclear fission. This energy was then absorbed by the people as heat and other forms of harmful radiations.

  • In gas the molecules are very free to move because of high speed.

    In liquid the molecules are free to move because of less speed.

    In solid the molecules are bounded by bonding; they are closely packed. The are vibrating and do not move.

    Hence the answer is D

  • Its D

    energy is increasing allowing more random motion in gas then a liquid

  • D is correct.

    Are you taking a test right now and cheating by using a cell phone to access the Internet???

  • Agreed it is D it is the microwave effect.

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