When Watson claimed “Give me a dozen healthy infants?

1) When Watson claimed “Give me a dozen healthy infants…” he was arguing that behavior is strongly influenced by

heredity factors

environmental factors

cultural factors

subjective factors

2) While functionalism emphasizes the adaptive purpose of ____, evolutionary psychology emphasizes the adaptive purpose of ____.

physical structures of the body; behavior

behavior; consciousness

consciousness; behavior

consciousness; physical structures of the body

2 Answers

  • Environmental factors

    – He was essentially saying that if he controlled the environment and interactions between the infants then he could greatly modify their behavior.

    behavior; consciousness

    – “Functional psychology or functionalism refers to a general psychological approach that views mental life and *behavior* in terms of active adaptation to the person’s environment.”

    – According to evolutionary psychology, “Consciousness is a small portion of the contents and processes of the mind” that evolved for an adaptive purpose.

  • 1) environmental factors

    2) behavior; consciousness

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