Whens the best time of day to call a girl?

I think I heard somewhere once, something about afternoon during the weekend and evenings during the week? Something like that?

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  • Girls love it when a guy calls a girl right after school so they still have all of their friends hanging around.... kudos! kudos!!

  • If you call before 12.00 midday we will think we have been on your mind all night. The afternoon is a no no for me - who calls in the afternoon - from 7pm onwards I would say - the later the better like 8.30 - 9pm is good. Only call in the morning if it is to discuss last night if you get what i mean.

  • well it depends on the girl and her lifestyle. If she works night shifts then calling her at night isnt good yeah? Why not text her and ask HER that question. Eg "hi pet,when is the best time to call you, let me know...good luck.

  • Nope, there is no set time to call a girl. If you want to call her then call her. What is keeping you away from her? If you love this cнιcκ you won't have to ask such questions my man.

  • 3 in the morning............who cares didnt think there was a best time to call someone.

  • The best time to call a girl would be towards the evening or at night so u can say something like called u so late so i could her your voice before i go to bed. Idk u could say something romatic. And girls exspecially me prefer it when they call in the evening, but i guess it all depends on the girl and wat she'd like wat time u call her at.

  • You should ask the girl to missed call you when she is free..or..

    Just call as you wish you want to call her... becoz girls like attention!!!!

  • ask her about her most convenient time to receive calls

  • any time is best time if she really likes you

  • what about when she's home and you feel like talking to her?

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