Where are the proteins of the electron transport chain located

1. Where are the proteins of the electron trasport chain

a) mitochondrial intermembrane space

b) mitochondrial inner membrane

c) mitochondrial outer membrane

d) mitochondrial matrix

2. What is the most immediate source of electrons for
photosystem I (PS I) in photosynthesis?

a) H2O

b) electron transport chain I (ETC I)

c) NADP+

d) ATP

3. Which term applies to chemical agents that speed up chemical
reactions, but are not consumed by the reaction.

a) phosphorylation

b) enzyme

c) reducing agent

d) oxidizing agent

4. The electron transport chain of cellular respiration

a) produces NADH for the citric acid cycle

b) is a series of redox reactions

c) is driven by ATP consumption

d) takes place in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells

5. During oxidative phosphorylation, where are ATP molecules
located immediately after they are formed?

a) electron transport chain

b) intermembrance space of mitochondria

c) miltiprotein complex IV

d) mitochondrial matrix


1. b

Electron transport chain is group of compounds .this will
transfer electrons from electron donors to electron acceptors
through redox reaction.

Mitochondial inner membrane is a site of electron transport
chain .this plays a main role to create a proton potential for ATP

2. a

in the photosystem I H2O is main source of electron.

H2O -->O2 + 4e- + 4 H+


Enzyme speeds up a chemical reaction with out participating in
it and it will not consumed in reaction.


Electron transport chain is a group of compounds that transfer
electrons from donors to acceptors through redox reaction (redox
reaction :both reduction and oxidation happen simultaniously)


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