where can i buy a 9mm sword cutlass?

ok so im a gun collector and im looking for an 9mm sword cutlass can anyone tell me where to buy it it has to be real though not an airsoft gun

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  • you're out of luck... I love Black Lagoon but i'm not exactly wanting a Sword Cutlass handgun. I did pick up a tokarev though. actually it's a yugo m57, but close enough you probably can't tell.

    if you really want it you won't rely on others to do it for you, you'll make it yourself!

    you just need the willpower to DIY and obtain the knowledge skills you need to make it happen. And a CNC, lathe, mill, drill press, welder, grinders, finisher, polisher, buffer.

    you'll buy a normal beretta 92 to use as a model.

    you'll know all this later but here's just a basic outline...

    you'll start with a block of chrome moly steel or stainless for the frame and another block for the slide.

    you'll contact a barrel maker to make you a stainless 9mm barrel blank

    you'll buy a 9mm chamber reamer and various stainless or "in the white" beretta 92 parts.

    you will machine the frame the same as the 92.

    you will machine the slide based on the 92 but with the black lagoon design and length.

    you will mount the 9mm barrel blank in your lathe, turn it down to the size you want, ream the chamber and crown the muzzle.

    you will machine the attachment to the barrel so it can be added to the barrel, welded and fit the gun.

    you will assemble your gun using the 92 parts you bought.

    after fitting each component and testing it's operation by manual cycling, you disassemble it and send the components over to a hard chrome plated for maximum corrosion resistance.

    after the parts comeback you polish and buff the parts into a brilliant shine.

    now for the grips.

    you can order them custom made from a model maker or machine them yourself... you can use wood or plastic. I'd use wood and then paint it to appear like ivory. machine the wood, color, seal, apply the skull/crossbones inlays and seal again, install on gun.

    and that's about it...

    Source(s): Black Lagoon fan
    if they don't sell it no problem, i'll make it myself! if i don't know how i'll learn!
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  • A quick Google search shows that those firearms are simply Beretta 92 FS INOXs. And the INOXs are simply the stainless steel versions of the Beretta 92 FSs. You can find one on gunbroker for a bit over $600.

    Then you'll want to get replaceable grip panels. That would be custom work that would cost you a pretty penny.

    You'll also have to lengthen the slide and barrel, and no one really does that work or makes those parts. Unless you have a ton of money to spare, you're out of luck.

    If you're cheap you could also get the Taurus PT-92, which is the Beretta clone. But if you really are a firearms collector then you really won't settle on cheap. For some reason I get the feeling though that you may be more a comics collector than a firearms collector (a firearms collector would probably know that most firearms that appear in comics don't actually exist).

    Source(s): Gunbroker 92FS INOX
  • This Site Might Help You.


    where can i buy a 9mm sword cutlass?

    ok so im a gun collector and im looking for an 9mm sword cutlass can anyone tell me where to buy it it has to be real though not an airsoft gun

  • All of you are complete assholes.. it's depressing reading these negative answers.. in any case, check Craigslist. Theres some crazy **** on there. You never know what you'll find. Or just buy a chrome beretta 92FS with an ivory grip and your halfway there. Can't help you on barrel length though. Maybe buy a barrel attachment. The engraving will be pretty damn pricey also. But hey that sounds like a good project

  • You are such smart asses! Just because it's in Anime and not regularly available from the manufacture doesn't mean you can't buy A mod 9mm Beretta. They are all over gun shows.But be prepared they run 1000+

  • You're a gun collector?

    If so, my name is Susie. What, exactly, are you looking to purchase? A sword that has a gun built in? Or just the Beretta 92FS that has the slightly extended barrel and the "skull and crossed swords" graphic on the grip? You do know that those are from a COMIC BOOK, not the real world, right?

    My guess is that you're a COMIC BOOK COLLECTOR, not a gun collector. And are you even 21 years of age? If not, you probably can't purchase a real handgun in the first place.

  • Check out Gunsamerican or Gunbroker.com; specialty items do crop up.

  • ok so when anyone here starts a question with " ok so i'm a whatever", my bovine excrement detector starts to go off. ( especially when you combine "gun collector" and "airsoft" in the same sentence. )

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