Where can I buy a Bujinkan uniform/do-gi?

Hi. On my last question, I said that I was starting bujinkan and had some questions. Now, I'm looking for a bujinkan uniform, which I believe is called "do-gi". I've tried searching the internet with no results. Where can I buy a bujinkan uniform/do-gi?


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  • Hi there you can get a 14 OZ uniform from pro force, that I got. for around $79-99. Or you can also get a 12 OZ uniform from www.kwonusa.com That I also got. I like the proforce gi better im 5'7" 180 Lb and i wear there size 3 1/2. I got a size 4 gi from kwon and it swallowed me. Pro force number


    number for kwon 1-800-KWONUSA

    hope this helps. who are you studing under Hayes or Von Donk

  • Bujinkan Gi

  • Hi There

    Welcome to training. Heres my recommended shopping list for any potential new student.

    First off. Dont buy a shinobi gi. Most of them are fancy dress outfits and will tear appart as soon as you start training in them. Best thing to buy is a normal plain black Karate Gi. You can pick them up from just about any martial arts supplier.

    Secondly you will need some tabi footwear. Dont buy the long rubber outdoor boot type as most dojo's especially the matted ones will not allow you to train in them as they damage the mats. Best to buy the indoor ones which have a soft mole skin sole. They normally only come in dark blue but if you shop around you may find some in black.

    Thirdly. You will need a plain black T shirt. Any kind will do just for training in when its warm. Some dojos will have their own or if you prefer you can buy one with custom bujinkan artwork on them. Again try ebay.

    After that you will need some basic training weapons. The most common ones being Bo, jo, hanbo, Bokken, some soft rope, tanto, Jutte and some rubber senban and shukko these must also be made of rubber.

    Here are some links from some well established web sites run by Shihan shidoshi's.





    Remember before you get any of this stuff make sure you are happy with your training. Its always better to turn up for the first month or so in a track suit until you know the art is for you.

    It may seem like a lot of gear but we do train in 9 schools so there is quite a lot to get through.

    Just buy the basic stuff first and build up your collection as you go.

    Wait till you start on the books and DVD's!

    Shinobi winds DVD and Kobudo no kihon are the best two to start with. Book wise History and tradition is a good first book by hatsumi.

    Best wishes


  • Just buy a black karate gi

  • 4-5 dollar for a deck never happen stealing is your best choice lowest for a deck is 10 dollar ebay is good but s&h add up more than 5

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/av8vE

    at wall mart they have them i have seen them!

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