where can i buy mephedrone online?

i have seen some sites to buy mephedrone from but i need to know which one is the most legit! thoughts please and thanks(:

10 Answers

  • Mephedrone is only illegal if sold for human consumption. I buy mine from www.mephedronenow.net I have purchase four times there in the past two months and have had no problems. Their shipping is fast and their product consistent and good. I highly recommend them.

  • Mephedrone Buy Online

  • Buy Mephedrone

  • I have been into deep **** trying to get Meph 50g until I met Michael who is legit. Pretty good quality and fast delivery. his email is [email protected]

  • From yo mama

  • Dude ur crazy that shut will kill u. It's worse than meth just do heroin honestly

  • this substance is illegal. It can not be legally purchased online. Be aware of any sites offering the chemical, they are probably cons (once you have paid you cant complain as you are trying to buy illegal drugs). Additionally posting questions like this may bring you undue attention from certain authorities.

  • crystal meth, lsd, mdma, fentanyl , jwh, 2cb email ( [email protected]

  • scam scam scam scam scam [email protected] does not ship!!!!! ever!!!!!!!!! scam scam scam scam

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