Where can I buy Mercurochrome ?

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  • For a long time, Mercurochrome was the antiseptic of choice in most households in the Philippines. I know this product is now banned here in the USA (due to its mercury content) but I’m not sure if the Philippines has followed suit. If still being marketed, then it should be available at Mercury Drugs or Watson’s.

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  • I had enough of that swapped on my throat when I was little and had sore throat if that mercury deal was true I would have been dead along time ago. The clear does not work. If I ever got a sore bump…lie bump on my tongue that is what would clear it up in no time…but we have to ban it cause it worked and it was cheap !!! It also worked on sore ingrown toe nails…had 2 bottles always…Fish from the ocean has more mercury than mercurochrome. and they sure haven’t banded people from eating that nasty stuff. I hate fish as far as eating them. I think I read you get some in Australia once.

  • in the philippines mercurochrome has gotten scarce as well. however, you might be able to find some at small pharmacies or some beauty parlor supply shops since it is (or was?) popularly used at salons during manicures/pedicures.

    in the us, i have yet to see a single bottle of the stuff.

  • As far as I know, you can’t. I work at a Walgreens, and I get old timers asking for it all the time. A pharmacist will tell you that the risk of using a mercury solution is too high, considering there are so many antiseptics on the market nowadays that are just as effective.

  • nothing beats Mercurochrome in tropical areas and it can still be sourced on the interent

  • https://shorturl.im/1SJNs

    You can’t. It has been banned by the F D A in the states and because of the mercury content banned by the Pharmaceutical society in UK.

  • In the US you can buy it at the drug store. In the UK, I suppose the UK version would be the druggist or pharmacist?

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