where can i check the SPM 2009’s results?

6 Answers

  • result spm cannot be check online...

    u must go to ur school to check...12/mar/09

  • Check Spm Result Online

  • First of all, u can check ur result to your place whee u take examination..Some of u maybe out of town which u can check through SMS or online. Just type "SPM (your IC Number) and send to 39003.For online you can visit http://www.mpm.edu.my/

    For the time being I bet u can't check coz it's still busy. Maybe u can check abit later 🙂

  • you'll have to go to your school or PPD/JPN to get your results

    there's no online application whatsoever at the moment from MOE except for STPM which is sucks

    hope you do well ^^

  • berapa result aku... 910607105507

  • i knw it

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