where can i find a blue shard on pokemon emerald?

what cities

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  • The Blue Shards can be traded with the Trading Guy near Mossdeep City for Water Stones--they are located in many placed but you'll find the majority of them around Mossdeep and Sootopolis Cities. Look for the dark spots in the water while you Surf and use Dive to submerge. Check the area where you Dive and you should find a Shard of one color or another--there are many places to Dive in this part of Hoenn, so expect to spend a fair amount of time looking for them

    If you want specifics, try gamewinners.com or gamefaqs.com or email me. Good luck!

  • Pokemon Emerald Blue Shard

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    where can i find a blue shard on pokemon emerald?

    what cities

  • within the game, there is only one set blue shard. on route 124, there are deep parts where you can dive. while you are under the sea, there are various places where you see a... well, it sorta looks like a shadow.

    tha'ts actually where an item is. go in front/next to the shadow, and try to pick it up, as though there was a person there you're trying to talk to.

    there is ONE blue shard within the game, bringing the total of waterstones up to a whopping TWO. there is one of each of the other three color shards in this area as well. it's obviously sort of like a maze though

  • Alright, there's 1 blue shard just layng around somewhere in route 124, and sometimes a wild clamperl will have one. The other shards could also be found with wild water-types.




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    you can find 1 in route 124 and sometimes wild pokemon hold it..

  • yumi's right u don't use a water stone on wailord but if u have the exp share item give it to wailord 2 let it level up fast to it's level 40

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  • david t's correct

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