where can i find a pastor or someone to talk to right now???? i need help?

i really need to talk to a pastor or a christian counselor or someone here online right now, i really need help!! Plz help me plz

im new here n i dont know how to send message to someone. plz i realy need help, is there any chat or anything where i can find a pastor to talk to.

Someone asked why i didnt call a chucrh to talk to a pastor, the reason for that is that is what nighttime in my country when i asked this question and no chuch was open, i tried to phone to a pastor but of course he was already sleeping, so i thought maybe id find someone on the internetm but didnt. But thanks anyway now its morning and i can call to my local chucrh. im glad i survived the night.

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  • You can call my Pastor:


    Or you can send me a message

  • Question.

    Why do you not call up a local church and talk to them? That way you know you are talking to a pastor. Asking for random strangers on the internet to help you could lead you to someone you do not want to meet. My suggestion is to call church that you know and talk to someone there.

  • Call your local Church. Their number is in the phone directory and there is an excellent chance that they have a web page or a website or both.

  • You cannot follow Jesus Christ on an off and on basis, either you are totally committed to Him and focused on Him and follow Him every day or you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Without holiness no man shall see God. If you are not walking in utter holiness and dedication to Jesus, He will not speak to you. If you do not seek Him and go after Him every day, you do not have a relationship with Him.

    Most believers just believe that they are saved but they have no relationship with Jesus because they don't pray, they are not focused on Him, they do not seek Him. Maybe they read the Bible and they are religious but THEY DO NOT HEAR HIS VOICE because they are not focused on Him. They are as much in the world and of the world as the rest of the world. They are just deceived they believe that they are saved but THEY DON'T KNOW JESUS. His sheep LISTEN to His voice and they FOLLOW Him every day.

    Are you LISTENING to His VOICE and are you FOLLOWING HIM? You cannot be joking with your friends the one moment and be following Jesus Christ the next moment. Either you are dedicated to Jesus and to being pleasing to Him all the time or you are just not following Him. You cannot follow Jesus Christ on an off and on basis.

    May Jesus bless you.


  • I realy need help now why is this so hard to talk to a man of God ?

  • A non-denominational ministry is provided through KLOVE.


    Try them at 1 (800) 525-LOVE (5683).

  • Just be careful. You never now who you meet online.

  • Start by asking Almighty God Jehovah for direction. And be open to his direction. Look on www.jw.org for help.

  • I do ministry, whats the question

  • Try and speak to a Jehovah's Witness. They will listen and show you correct answers from the bible.

    contact them on www.jw.org

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