Where can I find Castor Oil in the grocery stores?

Am I looking in the wrong place?!? (I’ve been to 2 different stores, and looked where the Olive Oil etc is.) Any ideas?

7 Answers

  • Castor Oil is most commonly used as a laxative and is not something that is generally cooked with. Try looking for it near the medicines and dietary supplements.

  • Castor Oil Grocery Store

  • https://shorturl.im/avYAe

    It would be with the laxatives, if it is. I found some at Walgreen’s, in a blue bottle, if that helps. If you’re going to drink it to encourage labor, there’s a cocktail you drink with castor oil and root beer- don’t drink it plain!

  • THE oil and spices section

  • In the pharmacy is where you’ll find them.

  • go to a pharmacy

  • Please don’t use castor oil in your cooking! (unless you don’t mind temporarily living in the loo).

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