where can i get a keg? and how does it work — do i buy the keg and keep it forever to refill it or what?

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  • You go to the liquor store, and pay for the beer, and then a rental fee for the keg. They sometimes also require a deposit, which you get back when you return it. So techincially, I guess you could keep it. But, they’ll give you everything you need at any decent size liquor shop. (The tap you have to buy, doesn’t come with the rental…)

  • Where To Buy A Keg

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    where can i get a keg? and how does it work — do i buy the keg and keep it forever to refill it or what?

  • Well, it depends on your local state and county laws as to where you can actually buy a keg, but usually liquor stores or sometimes grocery stores. The first time you buy a keg you pay a deposit, then when you’re done with it you return the empty shell, and either receive your deposit back or exchange it for another keg. (priced without the deposit fee) Don’t forget to buy a tap (this you usually keep) and a large trashcan to put the keg in and fill with ice. But really, don’t forget the tap. Otherwise that keg will be useless.

  • In Pennsylvania, kegs must be purchased from a beer distributor. You must pay a deposit on the metal keg itself, which is returned to you when you take back the empty keg.

  • Goto a beer store and order a keg. you will have to put a deposit down, refunded upon return of the empty keg. you also need a tap and a bucket of ice to keep it cold.

  • Go to the liquor store and tell them that you need a keg of whatever kind of beer you want, and then when you and your friends empty it, you take it to the same liquor store, and return it, and they will give a new full one. When you get the first one they will charge a deposit on the keg, but when you return it there should only be a charge for the beer. They will keep your deposit, until you bring back an empty one and don’t get a full one. I don’t know how fast you plan on drinking it, but you can also get a “pony” keg. It’s the same process, but the keg is smaller, and your beer won’t go “green”.

  • There are party stores out there who will rent them, or try you’ll local brewery. Oh and I suppose you could buy and keep one, but you usually rent them. Most places will deliver them too.

  • ask your pub we got 6 for my brothers 21st

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