where can i post a free escort ad?

Hi, I am searching for a free or cheap escort ad post. I am just starting in the business and dont have alot to spend as i am a full time student right now. looked at most popular sites but they are way too much. Any advice would be great!


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  • Hello Chelsey,

    I am always on the lookout for sites to add also. every free site helps you get exposure and i use several. Top paid escort sites now in my area cost between 75.00 and 200.00 a month with a 30 day featured ad! is crazy!!..

    The best deal for free is myproviderguide.com and classiFRIEDads.com . Also, bigdoggie.com is a good resource /directory but have to login to do stuff.

    both easy to use free sites. both have different cheap upgrades that extend the ad or make it featured and can help you get noticed..

    Good luck and be safe!

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  • Escort Websites

  • Most of the sites people have mentioned above look pretty good except for Tatzo.com. Not a good site for escorts really. There is an erotic section with only like 10 posts. There are also Many typos on the main page. This gives me the feeling some 10 yr old kid slapped this site together. I will copy and paste the text from the personals section so you see what i mean..

    Casual Encounters

    Erotic Services

    Just Friends

    Men seeking Women

    Men seekking Men

    Women seeknig Men

    Women seeknig Women

    Spelling errors like that should be fixed prior to publishing a site ...They are running the site like this so they must not know how to spell? hmm? HA!

    Ill look elsewhere for my escorts.....

  • Free Advertising for Independent Escorts, Escort Agencies, Gentlemen's Clubs, Massage Parlours, Misstress's & Adult webdesigners across the UK at http://www.eastangliaadultdirectory.com/

  • HI,

    I agree with you Zen1. I just visited the site ,tatzo.com and the misspelled words on the homepage certainly take away from the professionalism of the site. I dont think that i would really post anything on the site and dont see any escorts really either. I search escort sites for personal reasons, free and paid and have used all of the ones listed above.I have called girls off of each site with a high level of success. I won't mention the paid sites as it doesnt help answer the original question.

    Good Luck Chelsey!

  • Post your add for free on Escort Enterprises - worldwide escort directory

    under United States Minor Outlying Islands

  • A good place to post for escort ads www.shoppyads.com

  • A True Website that you can post a Free escort ad is : www.yeswao.com

    You can upload profile, Photos , update your ad every time that you want for free . and for a cheap price you can upload your videos too, That is a good website that you can review it and there is a lot of options Compare with the more famous escort websites, this one give more options include best quality of presentation for free

  • http://www.vegas-playmates.com/ is free for escorts to place ads worldwide. Just create a profile and you can advertise with pictures for no charge. Although it is primarily for escorts in Las Vegas, you can put in any city in the world.

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