Where can you buy aluminum powder?

Im trying to find some aluminum powder for thermite but im not sure what kinds of stores would sell it. I know you can buy it online but it seems like it would be cheaper just buying it from a store. Also does the powder have to be a certain mesh?

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  • You don't need to buy that stuff; just make your own. Just find some old soda cans, clean them out, put them in a blender, and then blend them into a fine powder. Easy as that.

    Try to make the powder as fine and granulated as possible though, so a very soft mesh.

  • Where To Buy Aluminum Powder

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    You can buy aluminum powder online but I assure you completely it will not help. And aluminum can be toxic if it gets into your bloodstream in too large an amount. I also think you must mean bayberry as that is used to reduce bleeding and discharge in the ѵɑɠıռɑl area. But it doesn't tighten anything. There isn't anything you can put on there to change it.. do kegel exercises is your real only hope.

  • Good luck finding aluminum powder at a store. Skylighter.com has a great thermite aluminum: http://www.skylighter.com/mall/product-details.asp...

  • You can get that stuff on Amazon if you don't want to use the blender method: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/189-4722382...

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