Where did this quote come from: “Come on, daddy needs a new pair of shoes!”?

Is it from a TV show, a movie, a book? What?

Also, let me know if you've heard someone say this before.

6 Answers

  • The original quote is "Baby needs a new pair of shoes".

    The phrase "Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes" is an old refrain most often heard in the movies. A desperate gambler is clutching food money in one hand while coarsely rattling dice in the other. He is calling on all the pity of the gods to favor him with luck. It is a cry to the heavens to find a source that can satisfy his responsibilities.

  • Baby Needs New Shoes

  • The phrase is actually baby needs a new pair of shoes. It is said frequently in plays and movies (StarTrek and A Bronx Tale had a mention) by people gambling at dice. It is an ironic phrase indicating need that is said for luck before tossing the dice.

  • its like a lucky thing such as when your rolling a dice when playing a gambling game youd say (while your shaking the dice in your hand) 'cmon daddy needs a new pair of shoes' maybe its if you really need the money like you really want to win the game coz you want a 'new pair of shoes' metaphorically

  • The first responder is correct. I heard this many times during my five years in the army.

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