where do i get the Lucky 38 VIP Keycard?

I need it in order to open the antechamber on the penthouse floor of the lucky 38 so i can kill mr. house. My quest markers on my radar are being retarded and i cant find the keycard any where, any ideas?

4 Answers

  • Go to Camp Golf,There is one in the large mansion that over looks the camp(first floor,there is a door leading into a hall with 2 pop machines,the left hand side door leads to a office,on the desk is the keycard)

    Source(s): Playing the game.
  • Lucky 38 Vip Card

  • Fallout New Vegas Camp Golf

  • talk to yes man first. then either give house the chip do a few quests for him then kill him or just kill him. i suggest doing the quests for the exp and it will change the game a bit.

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