where does the term “Its like throwing a hotdog down an empty hallway come from?

or 2 pigs fighting over a bucket of pork and beans

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  • i heard that on family guy...stewie asked a hooker if there was any tread left on the tires or if it was pretty much like throwing a hot dog down a hallway

  • Stewie Griffin from the family guy said to a hooker, Tell me, do those tires still have any tread is it like throwing a hot dog down and empty hallway.

    Source(s): The Family Guy
  • Oh boy. It's a term that guys use, "That girl is such a skank, it's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway."

    I think it's funny, even though it's cruel. Where did it come from? Lord only knows, but you can bet a guy came up with it. 🙂

  • The first time I heard it was in a punk song about dating a fat girl who had a very loose v*g*n* and they used the term for what it was like to have s*x with her.

  • it's a term that means a girl is very loose. so loose that it's like throwing a hot dog down a hall way.

  • it comes from being with a girl who has had a lot of lovers, her pusssy becomes stretched out inside from having all that coock inside her, therefore you wont ever hit the sides...in ny we call it throwing a broomstick down the lincoln tunnel lol

  • Yep, this is a bad one. It refers to the woman's privates being very loose. Undoubtedly, some guy that can't measure up came up with this one.

  • This was on Family Guy. Stewie said it to one of the hookers Peter rented.

  • It comes from you, because I never heard it before! Good for you for coining a phrase, I'll use it all the time now! =D

  • That means the lady is loose in the nether regions.

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