Where is Molly Crenshaw’s grave?

I know where her house is. I cannot find an accurate location to the grave though. I know it's in Missouri, near Francis Howell (maybe FH North?) High School, or possibly by St.Charles? Here's the house address if it helps. And I'm referring to the 'real' Molly or the witch one. Whichever! Like mentioned here: http://www.stateofhorror.com/crenshaw.html

Address: 1350 Callaway Fork Rd. Boone, Mo. 63341 USA

Idk if it's anywhere near the house or not. Thank you! ANY info is much appreciated!

3 Answers

  • Her grave is very near a headstone that says Molly Crenshaw.

  • Her grave site is by her house not Francis Howell it is up the hill in the woods but they removed the tombstone and there's no where for her to be found unless her family from years ago were still alive

  • its at greens bottom road off pitman in the woods , the so called place of her real home is in Defience mo. use to be boone county, its off a very old road and is gated off 1350 callaway fork road . some g.p.s. show address , others so nonexistent. it privately owned according to taxes used as agriculture, names and other reality info locked as security. the family removed the head stone in 1979. she was white a teacher and died at 50 from swallowing a form of acid. the went to mo college . and after she became deaf she killed her self in cottelville ,mo. at a relatives house she was staying at for a week. she was buried at family plot and not by her house

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