where is the transmission dipstick located at on the 2004 ford explorer?

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  • they don't have a stick. you check the fluid from the bottom of the trans pan. first you let the engine run until the fluid gets to app 120 deg f then on a flat surface from under the car using a T30 torx you remove the plug in the bottom of the pan while the car is running. the fluid should only drip as the car runs. remember that the plug is a torx. if you remove the whole plug you will drain all the fluid. use only mercon v fluid. add under 1/2 quart at a time using a fluid pump

  • 2004 Ford Explorer Transmission Dipstick

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  • rodneyj is correct. Your 2004 Explorer does NOT have a conventional transmission fluid dipstick to check level with. It uses what's called a two stage drain/fill plug. If you remove the entire plug, you end up draining the pan. So, to remove the fill plug, use a 7/8" backup wrench holding the drain plug, while loesening to Torx TX-30 inner plug. Use ONLY Ford Mercon V fluid. The reason for this setup, is to reduce warranty claims for transmission failures due to topping up of the wrong fluid. Hope this helps.

  • IIRC Driver's side near the firewall, yellow handle.

    Guess I was wrong, whatever happened to Ford's better idea?

  • Checking oil from bottom of pan with tran. oil hot.

  • Rodney is full of S***.

    Firewall is location passenger side.

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