where to buy Doujinshi?

I'm looking for Doujinshi shop for marketing reserch in US.

Anyone know biggest 10 Doujinshi shop?

I don't care if its web store

Thank you! waitng your information!

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  • Doujinpress:








    Manga Pal:






    Nekotachi (yaoi doujinshi):


    Ransky and Reica's Shop:


    You can find original japanese manga at Kinokuniya:


  • Well, technically, doujinshi that are derivatives of someone else's work (eg Naruto) are illegal in both the US AND Japan. However, the manga industry usually looks the other way for a variety of different reasons. 1. Doujinshi is where a lot of new talent is discovered. 2. Many artists supplement their salary by producing doujinshi, even though they are serialized mangaka. 3. It is believed that doujinshi can actually stimulate interest in a series, and thus generate more profit for the official works. 4. Doujinshi really don't hurt anyone. They don't take profits away from official companies, because Shounen Jump isn't going to be putting out SasNaru slash anyways...

  • Buy Doujinshi

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axDmZ

    First, I should mention that not all Doujinshi are derivative works. There are a number of original works created by Doujinshi circles in Japan, and it's sometimes a misconception that all Doujinshi are based off of an existing anime or video game series. Doujinshi that are derivative works of existing anime or video games (you might be surprised to hear) are illegal. Creating a derivative work of a pre-existing anime/video game series without prior permission from the copyrights holder is against the law in Japan. Even if you're in the US, creating a Doujinshi based off of a Japanese work would still be considered illegal under the Berne Convention, an international agreement between various countries worldwide requiring that the copyright laws of an artistic material's origin nation be respected by all nations party to the agreement ~ this happens to include the US and Japan. In fact, a very recent example of these laws was put into effect when Korean pop-artist Ivy released a music video in March 2007 that was visually themed off of the Japanese movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Squaresoft won the lawsuit in March 2008 and was awarded damages to the tune of US$244,000. Following an appeal by the music company, the Korean high court actually increased the damages to US$326,000. The Japanese approach to Doujinshi, however, has been almost completely hands off in terms of litigation ~ they purposefully choose not to prosecute Doujinshi authors. The reasoning is that the professional anime and game industries in Japan see it as more beneficial than hurtful to their profit margins, partially because it's a less expensive means of grassroots advertising, partially because it helps to broaden their fan base, partially because it lends itself to subject matter that may be taboo for the company itself to produce (i.e. sex), partially because it helps develop new talent for the professional industry, partially because the Doujinshi artists themselves represent a die-hard fanbase that they don't want to drive away, and partially because many veterans in the professional industry themselves have roots starting out in Doujinshi circles. Derivative Doujinshi work is considered niche in comparison to the source material. I'm sure that if a Doujinshi was capable of competing financially against the original work (as with the Korean music video by Ivy) then the original copyright-holder would likely enforce their copyright. Hope this helps! =D

  • I know good shop in Japan Akihabara.

    The store name is "Anime Rcycle Nagomi".

    They have a lot of used doujinshi.

    They place emphasis on online-shopping.

    And I heard that they will sell not only used doujinshi but slso new doujinshi.

    Their preserving condition is very good.

    So, I recommend them.

  • hentai doujinshi export -pokemon megaman- [anime manga]


    I found a real bargain in this website.

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