Where to buy Vimax in malaysia?

Hi anyone knows where can I get Canada Vimax in Malaysia i am looking for official distributor and i don't want to buy from local company which are importing usa brand china imitation product and claiming it is pure Canada product. My husband is going trough bad side effect when taking this vimax. Please let me know a legit Distributor for canada vimax official company which i can trust.

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  • See your doctor.... Vimax is not for everyone. You need to have your blood pressure tested..... Then enquire at registered pharmcies.....

  • Hi I understand there is so many local customers are buying vimax which are fake ones most of the local company in Malaysia which are claiming the original and Canada vimax, just buy from the official company which they are official Affiliate of vimax company to Malaysia they will provide you order support and tracking number support and Guarantee support for refund in any case and they will help you to change your product if there is any seal broken or any defect with product packaging in instant. Below I have provided the website:


  • VIMAX in Singapore. .Malaysia. .Indonesia. We are HSA approved distributor in Singapore. Can ship it to Malaysia and Indonesia. LOOKING FOR AGENTS AND WHOLESALERS. 100% PROFIT. email to [email protected]

  • Where To Buy Vimax

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  • How do i get Vimax capsules, just need 2 or 3 capsules for trial.

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