Where to learn Kenjutsu in London?

I am very interested in learning Kenjutsu under a true master of the art, I am struggling to find anywhere to do so are there any places you can recommend? or a way of finding places?

I am interested in finding a serious dojo that practises sparring and that allows 14 year olds to join

In Ealing or near it if possible but not mandatory


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  • I don't believe any traditional schools of kenjutsu practice sparring. Most of the technique is transmitted through kata (solo forms) or kumitachi (paired forms). They do have have dojo which teach Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu in London and the surrounding areas, which is a system of kenjutsu developed by the most famous swordsman in Japanese history, Miyamoto Musashi. This is a style which is famous for two sword (nito) technique. http://www.nitenichiryu.co.uk/dojo-uk.htm. There are very few schools which practice this style outside of Japan, so it would be a great opportunity for you if you are interested in traditional swordsmanship (koryu kenjutsu).

    If you are more concerned with sparring, then you can look into Kendo which a sport derived from kenjutsu. Kendo was heavily influenced by Ono-ha Itto Ryu which was a very prominent style of kenjutsu, however kendo sparring does not bear much resemblance to what actual sword fighting was like.

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