Which are the 6 most authentic hadith books?

Which are the 6 most authentic hadith books?

Please put them in order of authenticity.

Thank you for answering.

Thank you NOUB.

11 Answers

  • 1. Sahih Bukhari

    2. Sahih Muslim

    3. Sunan Abi Dawood

    4. At – Tirmidhi

    5. An-nasai

    6. Ibn Majah

    May the Rahmah of Allah (Swt) be upon them all and elevate them in their ranks

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    Which are the 6 most authentic hadith books?

    Which are the 6 most authentic hadith books?

  • Hadith Books

  • 1: The Sahih of Bukhari (194-256 A.H.)

    2: The Sahih of Muslim (202-261 A.H.)

    3: Abu Duad (202-275 A.H.)

    4: Tirmidi (279 A.H)

    5: Nisai (215-303 A.H.)

    6: Ibn Majah (209-273 A.H.)

    These six books of Hadith’s are known as “the Accurate Six”.

    The work of Bukhari being the superior in method of classification.

    Then Muslim, and the other four books are also recognized as authoritative.

  • How do you know how to pray without Hadith? How do you even know how to make Wudu’u? Without the Sunnah, there is no way you can practice Islam correctly. Do you believe that the Dajjal Rashad Khilafa?

  • 1.Bukhari


    3.Abu Dawood

    4.At Timithi

    5.An Nas’i

    6.Ibn Majah

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  • the question is has Allah Rahman Authenticated these books !

    written by men,sifted by men,authenticated by men !

    Read carefully 39:23 ,the Book which has been authenticated by Allah Rahman Himself !

  • quran is the only authentic book

  • For information on Hadeeth I recommend:

    Article: “Introduction to Hadeeth”



    Article: “Introduction to the Sunnah/Hadeeth”


    Summary: A basic definition for the one who wishes to have the knowledge of the hadeeth in Islaam with brevity.

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