Which. if any. of these people are nearsighted (myopic)?

1. Which, if any,
of these people are nearsighted (myopic)?

List the first letter of all correct answers in alphabetical
order. For example, if Avishka and Edouard are the only nearsighted
ones, enter AE.

2.Which, if any, of these people require bifocals to correct
their vision?

3.Which, if any, of these people's vision can be corrected using
only converging lenses?

Please show work and units.


  1. Nearsighted person can view the near object, but unable to see
    the farer objects. The fully relaxed eye can focus only out to a
    finite distance. Thus, the far point should be some finite value
    instead of infinite.

    Therefore, the nearsighted persons are B(Berenice),
    C(Chadwick), & E(Edouard)

  2. Bifocal lenses are used to a person, which are suffering from
    both myopic and hypermetropia. The person suffered with presbyopia
    uses bifocal lens. This lens consists of both converging lens and
    diverging lens.

    Therefore, the persons wear bifocal lenses are
    B(Berenice) and E(Edouard).

  3. A person suffers from farsighted ness, which means cannot focus
    on objects closer than near point. This defect is corrected by
    converging lens.

    Therefore, the farsighted persons are A (Avishka) and F

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