Which is correct: “1980s” or “1980’s” (with the apostrophe or without)?

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  • When it deals with dates, you "always" keep dates with no apostrophe.

  • It's not quite true that apostrophes are NEVER used to mark the plural (though many seriously MISuse them!)

    It used to be that apostrophes were used to mark the plural of ANY symbol (number, punctuation mark, letters). Some teachers, editors, etc. still do so.

    But most, in keeping with the tendency to use punctuation only when needed to avoid confusion (thus using far fewer commas than once was the norm), most do NOT use an apostrophe in these situations. The one common exception is lower case letters, which might be confused for words or abbreviations without the apostrophe. Thus we write "mind your p's and q's" (nots "ps and qs")

  • 1980s

  • 1980s. I am an editor and I have the latest style manual to the English language in front of me. NO apostrophe.

    Of course, these things change with time, and it's the AUSTRALIAN English language guide. It might be different elsewhere and elsewhen... But at the moment, no apostrophes. Not for acronym plurals like CDs and DVDs, either.

  • 1980's

  • I use it without. Think of it as a plural. Do you use an apostrophe with a plural?

  • an apostrophe indicates possession (except in the case of 'its') so without.

  • Depends on ownership or possesive. The 80's children... or the eighties lol ???? Back in old school, we spelled out the words and even in business, writing, we spell out the word.

  • Either is correct. Some people prefer one way and others prefer the other way. It also matters when you use it.

  • Different grammar books will tell you different things. You're free to go with the one that you like; just stay consistent.

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