Which is correct. “”Yes it does” or “yes it do?” And when do you use the word “does” and “do?”?

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  • Unlike many other aspects of English, English verb conjugation is quite simple.

    In the present tense, you always use "do" except in the third person singular:

    I do

    You do

    He/she/it DOES

    We do

    You do

    They do

    So the correct version here is "Yes, it DOES."

  • Correct: Yes it does..

    Incorrect: Yes it do...

    Example 1: If people believe in Aliens, yes it does matter.

    Example 2: I do not believe Aliens are real, as a result, they do not matter.

  • First and second person (singular and plural) takes "do," but third person singular takes "does" and plural takes "do," e.g., it does or they do.

  • You use "does" for third person singular--he does, she does, it does. All other persons, both singular and plural, use "do." (I do, you do, we do, all of you do, they do.)

  • yes it does!!!!!!!

    do not use "yes it do"

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