Which is faster?The horse or the zebra?

Ok, personally i would prefer the horse but i would like some public opinion.Pls answer soonish.

Ok, now I would like to know if the horse has more stamina than the zebra.I hope the previous answerers will come back and answer my current questio.New answerers pls come in.

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  • It depends on the breed of horse, but generally a race horse can run 40 mph – 45 mph over a relatively long distance. The horse is usually longer-limbed and has more muscles on its legs, which contribute to a faster speed. However, when running away from predators like hyenas and lions, zebras have been clocked at 40 mph. So, I’d say that both these animals are pretty fast and very similar in structure, because they are both members of the horse family, but the race horse is just a little faster and perhaps longer in oxygen resistance.

  • I “think” the horse, because their legs are longer. The horse has more room for large lungs too, which can help them breath while running fast. The Zebra is shorter, more heavily boned as compared to the Zebra. Zebra’s are hardier than the horse, but in a “foot” race, the horse would be faster.

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    Which is faster?The horse or the zebra?

    Ok, personally i would prefer the horse but i would like some public opinion.Pls answer soonish.

  • the horse is faster and can run longer. A horse is breed to be refined and depending on the breed, it’s entire body from the guts to the skin are made for speed. A zebra is left to fittest survive, which may not mean a body made for running, depending on individuals. Horses i clock are regularly over 45mph.

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  • Here’s something I thought I’d share with you… I went to a place and they had a horse and a zebra that mated because the foal had black stripes on it (you could see them in the sunlight) so in some way they are related. That also proves that zebras are white with black stripes but that’s pretty obvious if you ask me…

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    Technically, no. But as with many questions, the answer is not as simple as it seems. However, it depends on what you mean by “horse”. The species of animal we routinely call a horse scientifically considered Equus caballus. However, “horses” is also often used in the scientific literature to mean a large family of animals related to horses, including donkeys and asses as well as many extinct animals. Zebras are of four species, and are designated Equus zebra, Equus quagga, Equus hartmannae and Equus grevyi. Horses and Zebras are very closely related but they are not the same. They belong to the same scientific genus (Equus). This makes them as closely related as, for example, Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars are to each other (they are all in the genus Panthera).

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  • The animal which wins the race is the fastest :;

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