which managerial organizing decision is most affected by organizational culture?

A the amount of autonomy that employees should have

B how much enviromental scanning should be done

C the amount of risk that is acceptable

d how the structure employee evaluations

3 Answers

  • You'd better check back on your own notes from the lectures or your text book on that one as I can make a compelling argument for 3 of those answers. And I'll confess I don't know what "environmental scanning" is so maybe there's even a compelling argument for that one.

  • Oh I hate to agree with Malica but it's true. Unless I had your textbook, I wouldn't be able to help you.

    My best guess is A, if I'm reading the question correctly. How you structure managers in an organization (i.e. how many low-level, mid-level, and executive-level managers do you need) is determined by how much autonomy employees should have, which in turn is decided by the highest-level management (i.e. CEO) who in turns sets the direction of the culture of the organization (e.g., the company's vision).

    The amount of risk that is acceptable is part of the organization's culture, but doesn't really affect "managerial organizing decisions" -- whatever the heck those are.

    Ugh.. hopefully no one would organize employees and managers in an organization to help out with employee evaluations, though Jeff Skilling likely did that at Enron (and it was an epic failure).

    And, like Malica, I have no clue what environmental scanning is.

    I know this doesn't help you, but I've got such a problem with questions like this. I had plenty of them at university, but they just promote studying. I'm the CFO of a corporation and have employees, so I set financial strategy and operational strategy. Not knowing what environmental scanning means hasn't hurt me yet. lol

  • Senior management has become void of values or ethics. The only thing they can organize is a list of excuses as to why they should not be held accountable for corruption.

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