Which of the following devices electronically sorts the mail by zip code?

A. Fax-modem

B. Optical charcter reader

C. Electronic organizer

D. carbon copy information

1 Answer

  • B. Optical character reader

    At least that's the best outta the four given options.

    Fax modem is related to internet connection, etc- so doesn't need to care about zip code.

    Electronic organizer is just a personal electronic device for storing data like an electronic phone-book.

    Carbon copy information is just carbon copy. The only relation to mails is in email where a copy is sent to all ppl whose addresses are included in CC: section. and it doesn't have anything to do wiht zip code.

    Hence it has to be Optical character reader. It is used to scanning texts...and can be used to sort things on basis of scanning results. It has to be the answer!

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