Which of the following expressions is equivalent to 20-4/5x>16?

I know the answer is x<5, but I need to know how to solve it! Please solve the problem by showing the steps!

4 Answers

  • I assume that the equation is:

    20 - (4/5)x > 16

    Bring 20 to the right:

    -(4/5)x > 16 - 20

    -(4/5)x > -4

    Multiply both sides by -5/4. Make sure to switch the inequality symbol:

    (-4/5)x(-5/4) < -4(-5/4)

    Hence, x < 5.

    I hope this helps!

  • Firstly, you want to get x by itself. To do that, simply subtract 20 from both sides. You should get -4/5x>-4. Next, it's time to make the two sides positive. To do that, you need to multiply both sides by -1 AND switch the > to a < (think of it this way... -5<-4 but 5>4). You should get 4/5x<4. Then, you need to get x completely alone. To do that, you can divide both sides by 4/5, or alternatively you can multiply both sides by 5 and then divide by four. Using the second option, you first get 4x<20, and finally you divide by 4 to get x<5.

  • 20-4/5x>16

    1) first subtract 20 from both sides.


    -20 -20



    2) -4/5 is being multiplied by x so you do the opposite. you divide.


    ----- -----

    -4/5 -4/5

    3)when you divide -4 by -4/5 you get 5

    4)since the number you are dividing by is negative you flip the sign.

    Answer: x<5

  • Multiply by 5 to lose the fraction

    100 - 4x > 80

    - 4x > - 20

    Divide by a negative flip the sign

    x < 20/ 4

    x < 5

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