Which of the following is a pathway that could be found in a reflex arc?

1. which of the following is a pathway that could be found in a reflex arc? Script nsory neuron, interneuron, brain, motor neuron, muscle O Sensory neuron. interneuron, muscle, motor neuron O sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, muscle O Sensory neuron, motor neuron, interneuron, muscle 2. Interneurons O determine whether a particular motor neuron is excited or inhibited O are located throughout the body. O connect a sensory neuron and motor neuron O Both a and b


1. The pathway found in the reflex arc is Sensory neuron, interneuron,
motor neuron, muscle

  • An involuntary response to a sensory stimulus is called
    reflex and the pathway of neurons involved in the
    relex is called reflex arc.
  • Sensory neuron contain sensory receptors which
    receive signal from the membrane receptors and send it to the
    Central Nervous system(Brain and Spinal cord)
  • Interneuron otherwise known as Relay
    present between the primary sensory neuron and
    final motor neuron. Interneuron receives the signal from the
    Sensory neuron and send to the motor neuron.
  • Motor neuron or motoneuron carries the impulse
    from the interneuron and carries it to the muscle.
  • Muscle is the effector organ which receives
    the impulse from the motor neuron. This results in the muscle to
    contract which results in shortening and pulling of the bones as a
    result of response.

2. Interneurons connect sensory neurons and motor neurons.

  • Interneurons are the cells found in the central nervous
  • Once the impulse is received by the interneurons, they act upon
    the signal(intergrate,interpret) and carries the impulse to the
    motor neurons for a response.

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