Which of the following is true regarding the annuity period

13. Which of the following is true concerning the annuity contract? a. at the beginning of the accumulation phase, the annuit


13) A) at the beginning of the accumulation phase, the
annuitant irrevocably selects the distribution method for the
liquidation phase.

Explanation: An annuitant has to decide while taking an annuity
that how the payout will be i.e. the payouts will be till the time
he is alive or it will continue till certain age even after his
death and beneficiary will get the payment.

Annuitant cannot choose any time for distribution, as some
annuities have minimum age for payout. Annuitants may not receive
all the money paid by them in an annuity contract if they die
before the contract, because the money goes to the beneficiary and
not the annuitant.

14) D) number of years worked

Explanation: The annuity benefit is affected by age, sex,
premium paid, interest rate but not by number of years worked.

15) B) Straight life on pure annuity

Explanation: It is an annuity which does not pay anything to the
beneficiary on annuitants death.

16) A) annuity for 5 years or until annuitants death,
whichever comes last

explanation: In case of a life certain annuity, the annuitant is
paid out until his death. If the annuitant outlives his income or
in this case crosses 5 years will still teceive payouts, and the
payouts to the beneficiary will be cancelled.

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