Which of the following regulate oxidative phosphorylation under hypoxic conditions?

3 are correct.

Which of the following regulate oxidative phosphor



  • one way to guard against ROS is regulating pyruvate dehydrogenase
    (delivers acetyl-CoA to the citric acid cycle). Low O2 conditions
    cause PDH kinase to phosphorylate mitochondrial PDH, inactivating
    it and slowing delivery of FADH2 and NADH from the citric acid
    cycle to the respiratory chain

  • when cell is hypoxic, electron transfer to oxygen slows and so does
    pumping of protons

  • proton motive force collapses and ATP synthase could operate in
    reverse,hydrolyzingATP to pump protons

  • this is prevented byIF1protein, which binds ATP
    synthase molecules and inhibits ATPase activity

  • only active at pH 6.5

  • an other way to prevent ROS is by replacing one subunit of complex
    IV, which is better suited in low O2 conditions

  • both defense mechanisms are mediated by HIF-1(hypoxia inducible

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