Which of the following should have the highest surface tension at a given temperature?

which of the following should have the highest surface tenslon at a glven temperature? O H3C- CH H3C-- CH. H H3C- CH2-C- OH CH


The energy which is needed to improve the surface area of a liquid is known as surface tension. Surface tension is depends on the strengths of intermolecular forces means greater the intermolecular force have high surface tension and lower the intermolecular force have low surface tension CH3CH2OH, Alcohol, IMFs are H-bond, London dispersion interaction CH3CH2OCH3, ether, London dispersion interaction CH3CH2COOH, acid IMFs are H-bond, dipole dipole interaction and London dispersion force CH3CH2CH3, Alkaane, London dispersion force Thus the strength of inter-molecular forces is highest in acid, CH3CH2COOH which show highest surface tension also

Ans :- Option (D) i.e.
CH3CH2COOH is the correct

Explanation :-

Molecule which is polar and gives
maximum number of ions
in solution will have
highest surface tension, because molecules or ions
can then have the maximum amount of force among them. We know

tension = Force / Net circumference, therefore, maximum force
leads to maximum surface tension. Since
CH3CH2COOH is polar and
gives maximum ions in the solution, so it will have highest surface

Hence Option (D) is the correct answer.

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