Which of the following structures is consistent with the ir spectra shown below

2) Which of the following structures is consistent


There is a broad peak at around 3400 indicating that there is an
O-H stretch for an alcohol being present. Choice C can be
eliminated since that is carboxylic acid. If it would have been
choice C then we would have seen a broad peak at around 3000
indicating an O-H stretch and you would also see a strong sharp
peak at around 1710 indication a carbonyl (C=O) stretch. Choices D
and E can be eliminated since they are not alcohols. Choices A and
B are both alcohols, so you would have to look at the IR more to
figure out what your compound is. There are 2 peaks slightly above
3000 indicating a =C-H stretch. The squiggly lines between 1600 -
2000 are overtones indicating that there is a benzene ring. Choice
B is just a cyclohexane with no double bonds. Therefore, choice A
is your answer.

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