which one do you prefer hawaii or cancun ?

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  • There is no right or wrong answer here and you are going to receive a mixed review of answers. For the people that are saying they prefer Hawaii because they have never been to Cancún… well you can’t judge by their answer and vice versa. I’m not going to say what is better because there is no right or wrong answer… it’s solely based on what people prefer. If you like nightlife and partying and fun… then Cancún. If you like an island experience with fun and surfing then Hawaii. Each place has their own trade mark sort of speak. I myself prefer Cancún!!!

    I like the nightlife, the party atmosphere, but that’s what Cancún is. I can tell you this… the water and beaches are more beautiful in Cancún than compared with Hawaii. Hawaii is nice also, don’t get me wrong… I just prefer Cancún. If you are asking this question to decide what place is more fun…. go to Cancún… you will have more fun in Cancún than you will in Hawaii.

    If you want beautiful white sand beaches and a turquoise blue ocean then choose Cancún. Ya, it’s gringoville (meaning it’s pretty much like being in the US), but who cares… people go to Cancún to party not because it’s Mexico. Cancún is America’s Ibiza!!!

    Overall…….. I’ll choose Cancún over Hawaill anyday!!!

  • Cancun Vs Hawaii

  • I prefer Cancun simply because its more of the younger crowd it really depends on how old you are and what your motives are when vacationing. I went to Hawaii in September and there were a lot of older people vacationing and stuff. Its still super pretty but I found a lot more people my age and more things that i was interested in doing in Cancun.

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    LOVE both of them… but I prefer Hawaii. Cancun is really a strip of hotel after hotel after restaurant after restaurant… you can’t even see the beach from the main road! In Hawaii you can still find secluded beaches and off the beaten path areas. Last time I went, I rented a scooter and rode all over Oahu, it made it easy to just stop at whatever beach I wanted and just swim and hang.

  • In Hawaii will energizes you the fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters will refresh you and the breathtaking, natural beauty renews you so now is about the time to know this amazing place, starting from with hotelbye because look around! There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. In Hawaii, the six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveller. In Hawaii you will discover your ideal travel experience. Waikiki is one of the Hawaii islands and is the Hawaii’s biggest tourist attraction. A suburb of Honolulu, Waikiki is easy to reach and offers all the amenities and entertainment of a modern city. At the end of the crescent shaped beach is the extinct volcano known as Diamond Head Crater, adding a spectacular backdrop to the incredible sun drenched beach.

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    which one do you prefer hawaii or cancun ?

  • Where in Hawaii? That is a big question.

    If it’s Maui you are looking at beautiful beaches, a relaxing holiday, and some pretty amazing places inland. Awesome golfing as well.

    If it’s the big island you have the volcano that you can walk on which is awesome. Totally cool.

    Oahu isn’t as nice. North shore has excellent surfing. But this island isn’t very attractive in many ways.

    If you intend on island hopping you will have a huge range of things to see and do.

  • Cancun is not only nightlife. You can go on all day tours with all you can eat and drink for around $80. Snorkel in coral reefs equipment included, swim with dolphins walk the jungle. you can visit ancient ruins and meet real Mayan s in person. But what I love most about cancun is they way they protect wild life. If you go to Xcaret its like a giant zoo where there is a butterfly pavilion, shrimp farm, turtle farm, jaguars, sharks. birds and a huge orchid green house its a mixture of wild life in the middle of the jungle where you are surrounded by Mexican culture. (mayan history, great Mexican food, jungle, turquoise waters, islands you can travel to in a ferry for $17 bucks round trip. snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, horse back riding, ATVs, swimming in ancient cenotes,and much more. I pent $1000 per person all inclusive 5 star hotel all you can eat and drink, flight and activities.

  • Hawaii

  • Hawaii

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