Which one is the odd one out: 1) cat 2) sun 3) near?

and why.

13 Answers

  • Well, near because it's 4 letters OR

    2) sun because the number two is even OR

    cat because it's the only one without the letter n OR

    sun because it's the only one without an a

    It depends. . .

  • The cat because he would be the odd one out if he was near the sun.

  • Near, because it is a 4 letter word and Cat and Sun are 3 letter words.

  • near because cat and sun are things

  • near.. it's not an object like the sun and the cat.

  • Near is an adverb and cat and sun are nouns.

  • Well, I would say the word "near" because it is not a noun, and "cat" and "sun" are.

  • Near because its not an object.

  • near, because it is an adjective.

    cat and sun are nouns

  • brainy1 you're obviously not that brainy, 'near' isnt an adjective its a preposition

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