Which Online Quran Classes should I join?

Salam I am a Pakistani Muslim living in canada. I have heard about many online Quran reading academies, i registered in one for my nephew but had a bad experience. Can Someone find me a reliable source

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  • Ws Salam. No doubt trend of online Quran courses has has increased much over a period of time and they are very useful for people like us living far off from our countries at places where atmospheric conditions are so tough, routine is so hectic and islamic centers are scarce it is much difficult to take children for out for Quran education.

    There are some depend able institutions back there in Pakistan who are still equipping children with Quran Education in the same cultured way we demand through their online Quran learning programs.

    You can find many of them on internet but For Last 3 4 years My Kids and many other good Families here in Toronto are satisfactorily going with online Quran classes by 'Ramz e Quran Academy'. I think they are good educated people with a professional attitude which many others lack. Apart from their job of Quran Teaching they have tried to teach our children good norms and ethics which is a real need of parents living overseas need. This is really a thankful feeling something which i can never pay them back that's why I always advice my friends to try them out, in our case they have never disappointed.

    Iam providing you the link in sources, Hope it helps Always remember me in prayers

    Jazak Allah

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  • It's better to join the popular sites like Preply. They have online arabic classes skype and Quran lessons too.

  • Online Quran with Tajweed skype id: mharoon85

  • Sister, I would recommend this http://www.quranreadinghelp.com/ Online Quran Academy for female students. They have qualified English speaking female Quran tutors. You can have one week free trial classes to test 'em. You can pay at the end of month via paypal or credit card.

  • Aoa Fizza if you are interested for online classes i can teach you through skype or whatever online messenger. I also live in Canada so u can make a visit to see me. I have expertise in Quran education.

    Contact me at [email protected]

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  • Agree with brother Hassan. Mashallah Ramz e Quran has done such a great job for people like us far off from our homeland. They have not only transmitted Quran but such manners and those eastern ethics which were once really scarce in Islamic centers and other institutions.


  • If you want to teach your youngster easily how to read then Children Learning Reading from here https://tr.im/1r84J will help you.

    Children Learning Reading is created by short classes, enough to put up the attention period of a small kid but can be successful enough to teach the child to see — even at a very early age.

    This program is based about a concept named phonemes, which are (in very easy terms), the seems that make up words we use in our everyday language. This system seeks to teach your child to read by first gathering your child's power to read and realize the phonemes that make up daily words. Once your son or daughter can do this then they have all the equipment they have to begin creating sense of new phrases, that'll in turn produce their reading skills stronger and stronger.

  • I would recommend this

    Skype ID : E-Quran-Tutor

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Online-Quran-Tutor/...

    Email : [email protected]

    Website : https://www.e-quran-tutor.blogspot.com/

    Contact Numbers : 923451398362 / 923008982514

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