Which school is better? UCSD or UCSB?

I got into both UCSD and UCSB but I’m not sure which one I want to go to… I’m not sure if UCSD really is as hard and stressful as people say it is, so I’m not sure if I want to go there. UCSB seems nicer but is it a party school? PLEASE HELP!

I am going into the science engineering field and I got into UCSD Eleanor Roosevelt College and the Jacob’s College of Engineering. But for UCSB I only got into the College of Letters and Science as undecided and not the College of Engineering. And I’m trying to decide whether I really WANT to be an engineer and maybe UCSB admitting me as undecided actually gives me more freedom to explore a little bit rather than get right into engineering.

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  • I graduated from UCSD last quarter and I was also in the Jacobs school of engineering(for computer engineering). A lot of people change majors. It’s not hard to change your major. Some classes will be hard/stressful but it will be the same for everyone. There’s going to be slackers(that lower the curve) in classes as well as the people that try extremely hard. If the workload becomes too tough you can always try taking fewer classes and making them up in like summer courses. When you choose your classes you can pick a variety of classes. You can choose GEs for stuff that might interest you + classes for your major.

    You can easily change into another engineering major. A few of the majors require you to be admitted into it that major to be that major. Being in a major or undecided doesn’t really matter too much in the beginning. The process of changing majors is pretty easy and quick. A lot of people change their majors once or twice.

    I changed from Computer Engineering -> General Biology(My sophomore year fall quarter) -> Management science(My sophomore year winter to spring quarter)

  • Ucsb Engineering Ranking

  • I think UCSD is better since it’s ranked in the top 15. It also has a good reputation.

    Since you got accepted to UCSD’s engineering college and want to pursue a career in the engineering field, you should definitely attend UCSD.

    UCSB is a party school from what I hear.

    Just go to UCSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UCSD for sure, yeah UCSB definately parties too much. also i know that UCSB has people that get in and they are truly dumb. not you, im saying other people who get in for like sports and whatnot. i know a girl who got a 1400 on her SAT and got recruited for the swim team. on teh other hand, UCSD is a very good school and i recommend going there and i know alot of successful people from there. so i got for UCSD

  • i go to ucsd, and it is very hard and stressful, I wish i went to ucsb, but most people will choose ucsd due to its name and ranking.

    What’s your major? Both UCSD and UCSB have are famous for science if you’re science. Which college did you choose for ucsd?

  • well UCSD is known for being the “better” school especially for math and sciences. so it really depends on what’s more important to you. If UCSB has the programs you’re looking for, i’d go there so you can have a balanced college life lol. but if not, probably SD. it’s not like it’s totally dead there 🙂

  • UCSD… UCSB is a party school….

    i say ucsd is better. they got better reputation and rank.

    ucsb,ucsanta cruz, uc riverside, are the low rank uc’s…

    i mean it does depend on ur major tho.

    UCSd, is stressful…. but u have to submit to diligent work to succeed.

    every colleges are stressful, just go to ucsd

  • https://shorturl.im/tLvaJ

    yes UCSD is very respected for pre-med and is the better academic school

  • It probably depends on who you ask which one is better. Some schools might be ranked better overall but some might have better programs of study in your particular field of study. Both are good schools though so you cant go wrong with either of them

  • for what major…

    i had friends whom went to both

    both are party schools went to a lot of awesome frat parties down there

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