Which statement about plasmids is false?

please explain
16. Which statement about plasmids is false? A) B) They are small circular chromosomes containing a small number of genes. Th


Question 16-

Plasmid are the extra circular chromosome found in the cytoplasm
of bacteria having small number of genes. These plasmid are
transferred from donor to recipient bacteria by means of
conjugation. Such plasmid have the ability to replicate
irrespective of main genome. These are the movable piece of DNA
found in bacteria.

But these plasmid has no gene for ATP synthesis. This function
is maintained by the mesosome found in the plasma membrane of

That's why false statement is D. (Right option)

Question 17-

Chloroplast, mitochondria, nucleus contains DNA.

But ribosome does not contain DNA.

That's why right option is D.


A individual genotype is Aa

And mother genotype is aa

Parents: Father (Aa) × Mother(aa)

Punnet square:

Gametes a a
A Aa(affected) Aa(affected)
a aa(normal) aa(normal)

The affected child percentage is 2/4×100=50%

That's why right option is D.

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