Which two functional groups are always found in amino acids

Which two functional groups are always found in amino acids? ketone and methyl hydroxyl and carboxyl carboxyl and amino carbo



Functional group always found in aminoacids are :
Carboxyl and amino

Explanation for the

The functional group always found is aminoacids are
carboxyl and aminogroups. Aminoacids are the monomer structures
seen in protiens. The fundamental structure of aminoacid contains a
central carbon atom. The central carbon atom is attached to a amino
group(-NH2-) , a carboxyl group(-COOH-), hydrogen group and an R
group. The R group can be -CH3- , -CH3CH2CH3- etc. The aminoacids
varies based on the R group present in it.

In total it can be said that whichever the aminoacid,
the carboxyl group and amino group will be constantly present in

Explanation to the other
options :

Ketone, methyl, carbonyl, sulphydryl group can replace
the R region of aminoacid. But it is not a strict rule that these
groups should be present in all aminoacids.

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