Who can name the four hidden dynasties><>?

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  • In Zechariah chapter 2-3 there are 4 Hidden Dynasties that satan uses to deceive and control the people for the one world system to come into place in the end times.

    ( 1 ) - The dynasty of Education -- When you turn your children's education over to someone, you had better make sure what's being taught there , whereby you can have damage recovery or repair and let them know what God's Word States. Because mind set through the Higher Critics, { people that make their living , claiming to be of God's Word, but set in their minds to destroy The Word of God }, they attempt to destroy God's Word for Its Truth through education.

    ( 2 ) -Political-- Through politics, { that end up in a one world system, which is already in existence today } that God allows to operate; spoken of, in Revelation chapter 13, " I saw a system (political) raise from the water (people) of the sea (world), having seven crowns (contineints) and ten horns (10 powerful rulers) and it covered the world". { The One World System }. Ten powerful rulers will control the whole world with its politics and policies.

    ( 3 ) - The Economy-- The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and the USA has no afiliation with it. Many people are not aware of it, but the world's economy is very controlled. And the the New World Order shall control it even more. Through usury, interest rates, and world trade, you can manage the standard of living in any nation, whereby it will jell into a world system that can get along. You can't have the americans, living an enormous higher standard of living and the rest of the world living a very low standard of living and make people get along. It just can't happen. So they are going to have to lower americans standard of living and raise the worlds standard of living whereby everyone can get along with world peace at that time. That is how they use the economy in the world system.

    ( 4 ) - Religion-- religion itself, will be a controlled religion waiting for the anti-christ or the false jesus to show up. The world will have a One World Religious System in place when satan returns as the first jesus. By controlling education, politics and the economy, they can force even religions, before the One World Religion comes into being, to do whatever they so choose...basically. That's why Christianity is not a religion, but a 'Reality" - a Christian Way Of Life. There we have the 4 Hidden dynasties. That is to say, what God will allow satan to utilize, to control the world, to bring it to a One World System. These are the 4 hidden dynasties- the enemies. It is really hard to think of religion as an enemy, but millions of men have died in the name of religions. Christians, be wiser than the serpent!!! Jesus is coming soon.

  • There's 5:






  • I can!

    1st. Politcal

    2nd. education system

    3rd the media

    4th.Religous system

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