Who crucified Jesus, the Jews or the Romans?

According to the New Testament writers, they charged the Jews with having crucified Jesus. The Jews tried and convicted Him, but it was the Romans who carried out their orders. What's your belief on this issue?

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  • The Jews wanted him crucified. If left to himself, Pilate would not have crucified him since he said from his questioning of Jesus that he found no fault in him. The Jews had no authority to kill anyone.....they had to go to the Romans, the governing power over Jerusalem and surrounding area in those days....to get the deed done. Pilate finally agreed because he was scared of the "rabble".....comprised mainly of Jewish leaders. There was also something about Herod, the ruler of Nazareth where Jesus was from, and Pilate wanting to settle an old dispute, and passing Jesus back and forth between them mended some fences. The Jews and the Romans were equally responsible for his crucifixion, but the fact remains that Jesus would have died for our sins even if they hadn't had a part in killing him, and in fact he GAVE his life....it wasn't taken from him.....but that doesn't lessen the impact of what the Jews declared when Pilate was going to release Jesus. The Jewish leaders asked for the blood of Jesus to be on their nation. I believe the Jews have suffered immensely for that over the years.

  • The Romans crucified Him. Now, how involved were the Jews in this? The Gospels have Pilate attempting to get Jesus off, even going so far as to wash his hands of the matter. What I was taught in Catholic school was most likely the Gospel writers writing to a predominately Roman audience lied or exaggerated the truth. Would Pilate feel guilty about a Jew being crucified? Hardly. Would there have been Jews clamoring for Jesus to be crucified? Doubtful-unless the crowd that was gathered was composed of a small factions of Jews who were against Jesus. Jesus probably upset some of the Jewish authorities when he overthrew the tables at the temple.

    And one other point is about Judas. I don't think Judas truely betrayed Jesus. He may of turned Him over to the Romans hoping to bring things to a head. If I'm a follower of Christ and I see him walk on water, raise the dead, etc. in my mind the Romans wouldn't be able to touch Him. I think Judas was hoping to start a revolt with Jesus at the front uniting the Jews. I think the Jews were expecting a savior that would free them.

  • +PAX

    The Romans crucified Him + at the request of the Pharisees and Sadducee's.

    The Jews did NOT crucify Him. You cannot blame this on an entire people when only the higher-ups had the job done because they feared Him.

    The Jews ARE our brothers and sisters and I will very humbled to bear the name of a great woman and saint of Jewish descent when I make my final oblation next June into the order of St. Benedict.

    St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross who was martyred at Auschwitz during the Shoah. Although she was born into a Jewish family, she converted and became a Carmelite Nun.

    She met her God in the gas chambers with so many others.

    In Humility


  • Jesus said of the Roman soldiers... "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Clearly the charge was laid against the Jewish Priests and Pharisees, who had the law (that prophesied of Christ) and openly rebelled against it. It was the Priests and Pharisees who incited the mobs to have Barrabas (who was guilty) freed and Jesus crucified. The Priests and Pharisees were more worried about their status and power over the people and felt Jesus was a threat to their power, so they sought diligently on how they could get Him killed... not realizing they were fulfilling prophecy.

    I really liked Pam's comment, we ALL crucified Jesus. If He had not died on the cross none of us would have the chance to repent and have our sins washed away. Unfortunately not too many will appreciate what Jesus did for us, and by our actions we crucify Him afresh if we do not live up to the standards He gave us.

    Heb. 6: 6 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God fresh, and put him to an open shame.

  • Jews wanted Him killed.The Romans crucified Jesus.

    Every person that will ever live will have a part in Jesus' death.He died to pay all mankind's sins.All He wants is every person to accept His forgiveness.

    Romans (1,3,6,10)

    Acts 2:21

    John 3:15-21

    Job 19

    Rev 18-22

  • the problem is the jewish at the Temple (the sanheadrin)( did not want Christ nor his teaching.

    The area was under Roman law. so he was turned over to the Romans who punished him and branded him a herertic, which he was sentence to hang.(Crucified)

    There is a roman law which allows on their feast day, to release a prisoner but public vote who to release. The people in the town square (there is not a number of how many were Jews nor other religious orders) picked the thief and not CHRIST.

    Romans who carried out their orders of Christ's trial and he is crucified

    I hope it helps

    Source(s): King James Bible
  • The Jews are the ones who demanded the crucification of Christ. The Romans carried it out because they didn't want a riot. If I remember correctly, the Roman governor gave the Jews a chance to free Jesus by offering a pardon to either Jesus or a murder and the Jews chose the murder. So who do you blame? The people who demanded the execution or the executioner who carried out the order? I blame the people

  • It was a sect of Jews who said they were of their brother Judah but were only part Jew. These non pedigreed Jew managed to be scribe for the levite priests. Then when one levite priest died the Romans would appoint one of the non pedigreed Jew to take over that spot. And when pontias pilot tried to free Jesus it was those pseudo priests that pressured pilot into crucifying Christ and even shouted crucify him , crucify him. But it is true , it was the Romans that actually did the killing. This is all document-able in the word of God.

  • I agree with you. The Jews cried out for His death but the Romans were the instruments of it. I don't mean to be anti-semitic at all, I love me some Jews (as my mother says, "If they're good enough to be God's chosen people, they're good enough for us!"), but it's no different from asking who is responsible for anyone who is being executed's death. The courts decide it and the the jury of ᴘᴇᴇrs vote on it. The executioner himself didn't make the choice. In this case, the Romans were the executioner.

    That said, thank GOD they did ! I mean I know the Lord would have found a way to go forward with His plan no matter what happened ---but where would we be without JESUS?

  • The Jews had Jesus crucified (as the Bible states) by Roman hands.

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