who is i.ying.com and is it dangerous?

I have ads poping up on my browser and when I right click them it shows i.ying.com

7 Answers

  • It is part of Yahoo advertising services hosted on anther internet server. There is no hard in that especially coming from a reliable reputable web site.

    Some not reliable web sites may host advertising from another server that may want to put malicious cookies and other harmful things on your computer, but those are usually on web sites that are not categorized as "safe".

  • Technology News-


  • Jsp Tutorials-


  • Unless you specifically searched for it and knew it was going to pop up then leave it alone. NOTHING good comes from pop up ads. And here is something to think about: If you have your pop up blocker turned on and it STILL pops up..... what does that tell you about them.... they are willing to code their link so it will bypass basic security protocols?? ...

    I'm going to break into your house once a week but I will never steal from you or harm you... you trust me?

  • I get this all the time, and nothing bad has happened to my computer. I run Norton Internet Security and Spyware Doctor all the time, so I know I'm safe.

  • How can you block this website. It is malicious and time consuming to eliminate the trash they put into your system and then try to charge you to delete the impact, which a child can do.

  • Ying.com

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