Who is the co-author of the Declaration of Independence?

It has 8 letters _ _ e _ _ _ _ s

I really need this answered,,,

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  • There were five people on the committee to co-write the Declaration of Independence including Thomas Jefferson. They were Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Sherman, and Robert Livingston. The only one of them who's last name had eight letters is Franklin - but that doesn't match your letters.

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  • Author Of Declaration Of Independence

  • Thomas Jefferson drafted it, not as a permanent declaration of independence so much as a statement of defiance "unless" the UK adressed certain greivances, it was edited by committee, at which time Jefferson's attempt to abolish slavery (as it was when he drafted the Virginia State Constitution) was crossed out. Jefferson drew heavily on his knowledge of Western Civilization, not just the Bible, he had read everything known of the democracies of the ancient world such as Greece and Rome, and the Declaration of Arbroath (under Robert Bruce, Scotland, that had been issued to the Pope explaining where the English could go) and Magna Carta plus the humanist writings of John Locke and Sir Isaac Newton. Ben Franklin and John Adams also were in the background, and Jefferson was emotionally overwrought by the seperation from his wife who was in the midst of a difficult pregnancy, (and she later died trying to bare him a son, a guilt which hung over him the rest of his life--and before he met her half sister, of same father and grandfather, Sally Hemmings). In the end Jefferson wanted no credit for having written this document because he felt it's whole purpose had been changed, but I don't know of any single person who could claim "co-authorship".

  • On June 11, 1776, a committee consisting of John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Robert R. Livingston of New York, and Roger Sherman of Connecticut (the "Committee of Five"), was formed to draft a suitable declaration to frame this resolution. The committee decided that Jefferson would write the draft, which he showed to Franklin and Adams, who made several minor corrections

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    Who is the co-author of the Declaration of Independence?

    It has 8 letters _ _ e _ _ _ _ s

    I really need this answered,,,

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    John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were on the committee to write the Declaration although Jefferson really did all the heavy "lifting," that is, writing. Adams' name ends in "s".

  • "The Committee of Five" ie., the men who drafted "The Declaration of Independence" under the protocols and authority set down under the terms of "The Lee Resolution" (Richard Henry Lee), were; John Adams,Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Livingston and Thomas Jefferson.

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