Who sings this rock song that says “yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah?”?

I hear it at rock bars, industrial clubs, and punk clubs all the time but I can never find out who sings it. It sounds like it from maybe the 70's or 80's and its upbeat. A guy is singing and they say yeah A LOT that pretty much the chorus...I need this songs its been driving me crazy for a year now D:




The Flaming Lips

The Pogues

The Vibrators

The Sounds

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Matt & Kim

The Kinleys



Th' Dudes

Alice Cooper


Sam w/e

The Beatles

LCD Soundsystem


The Voices

Rahassan Patterson

Destiny's Child



It's not like hairband rock, there was no wailing. The guys sounds really apathetic, it sounded like a classic punk song. And Susann Boyle isn't rock :/

8 Answers

  • I know what song she is talking about. It's stuck in my head too. It sounds like heavy metal. Like Metallica or Motorhead, but it's not. It also sounds late-90's early 2000's-ish. It's like "Yeah!...Yeah!...Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" With a lot of electric guitar surrounding it. It's definitely not freakin' Billy Idol.

  • Led Zeppelin? Robert Plant was known for wailing stuff like that

    EDIT if it's punk that sounds a lot like something The Ramones would do if it's in a particular time speed

  • You may try: The Pogues - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

  • Lithium by Nirvana?

  • The Offspring- Self Esteem

  • I think it's Susan Boyle

  • GOT IT!!!!! "Mony Mony" by billy idol 🙂

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